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A committed forwarder: Bernd Bräunig

"Choose a job you love
and you will never have to work a day in your life."

This Confucius saying defines me and my committed team perfectly. We love our work - and we are service providers by conviction.

My first priority is to provide reliable services as a forwarder and to thoroughly fulfill all tasks entrusted to me. I have highly qualified and motivated employees by my side, but also experienced partners and partner companies.

I have worked in the logistics industry on my own authority since 1993. As early as 1994, I managed the branch office of the forwarding company Dichte Spedition GmbH in Brachwitz (Halle). In that position, I was the dispatcher for 15 special-purpose vehicles - from extendable trailers to loading cranes to flat bed trucks. Today, I still manage special and heavy haulage with passion and commitment. My almost two decades in this job afforded me a lot of experience - and contacts in the logistics industry throughout Europe. That way, many things are faster and simpler.

My employees and all partner companies work in concert to make sure that freight is transported safely and quickly. There is no such thing as a project too large or too small. Based on our experience and our commitment, we make sure that every transport reaches the right destination.

It is time to strike a new path. Come and join me!